Hello everybody,

Finally I decided to return to Blogging. My name is Patricia and I´m 18 years old.

I am born in Munich and have been living there ever since. So I am a real Munich girl.

A few years ago I had a fashion and beauty blog – unfortunately I had to stop it because of school. This summer I graduated, so now I have more time to post blogposts.

Well, What does “Pat-a-porter” mean and why is it the name of this blog?

Pat is the abbreviation of Patricia. When you say “Pat-a-porter” fast it nearly sounds like “Prêt-à-porter”. “Prêt-à-porter” means ready to wear. There are a lot of great high fashion blogs however it is very difficult to wear such looks in your daily life. So everything on my blog should be helpful for your everyday life . So the outfits & make-up looks are ready to wear because everyone can wear them and they are on a budget. The recipes are delicious and very easy for everyday and the travelling posts are helpful for every trip.

So the main content of my blog is fashion, beauty, food and travelling.

These are my passions and I´m looking forward to share my personal experiences and opinions with you.


xx Patricia


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