Hello everybody,

Skincare is very important to me! So I am looking for new products to improve my skin all the time because I had proplems with acne for many years. A few years ago I heard about the Clarisonic and I was impressed by it. However the price was too high for my budget. Everytime I visited a beauty store I saw the Clarisonic and I really wanted to have it. So I did a lot of research and I decided to buy the Clarisonic Mia2 in a Sephora shop.

Last October I was in Paris and I visited Sephora to buy the Clarisonic. Next to the Clarisonic was the Foreo Luna on the shelf. I had never heard about Foreo Luna before but I was impressed by it from the beginning. I couldn´t decide which one to prefer but I bought the Clarisonic because I wanted the brush for such a long time. My mom was so impressed by the Foreo Luna mini that she decided to buy it. So I had the chance to use my Clarisonic Mia2 as well as her Foreo Luna mini. Since October 2015 I used them nearly everyday and love both of them. So today I have a review for you.

xx Patricia





I got my Clarisonic in a box. In it were the Clarisonic Mia2, a sensitive brush head, facial wash gel, a protective travel case, a charger and an information brouchure.

Foreo Luna:

The Foreo Luna came in a little clear plastik container. In it were the Foreo Luna, a charger and an information brochure.




I store the brush and the brush head seperately because after every use I have to clean the brush head and it has to dry.

Foreo Luna:

After using the Foreo Luna I leave it in the shower or next to the sink.




I have to charge the brush every month for 24 hours. When you need to recharge it the brush blinks.

Foreo Luna:

After buying it I had to charge it for one hour. Since then I never had to recharge it.




My Clarisonic Mia2 cost 150€ but I got a 20% discount. However you have to buy a new brush head for 25€ every 3-4 months. So you have to pay around 100€ each year for the Clarisonic.

Foreo Luna:

We bought the Clarisonic and the Foreo Luna at the same time so we got a 20% discount as well. The Foreo Luna cost 139€ . You just have to pay once and there aren´t any other costs.




I use my Clarisonic in the evening to remove my makeup (not my eye makeup) in the shower. After wetting my face I take some wash gel and put it on my face. Then I turn the brush on. I start with my chin for 10 sec., then my nose for 10 sec. After 20 seconds the brush vibrates. Then I use it on my forehead for 20 sec until it vibrates. In the end on each cheek for 10 sec. So the whole cleaning process just takes 60 seconds. In the end I clean my clarisonic and wash my face.

Foreo Luna:

I use the Foreo Luna the same way as I use the Clarisonic. The only difference is that I use the thicker touch-points for my chin, nose and forehead (my T-zone) and the thinner touch-points on my cheeks.




After using the Clarisonic I wash it in the shower. Afterwards I remove the brush head, wash it under clear water and rub it against a towel. Then I let it dry seperated from the brush head. Once a week I wash the brush head with antibacterial soap.

Clarisonic recommends to change your brush head every 3-4 months. My brush heads looks fine and works well so until now I didn´t change it.

Foreo Luna:

After using the Foreo Luna I wash it in the shower and let it dry.


For the Clarisonic & Foreo Luna I use a face wash from Balea (Reinigungsmousse) and when I am traveling the Clarisonic (refreshing gel cleanser). For me it is great to remove my makeup and clean my face. When I don´t wear makeup I use the GLAMGLOW (super cleanse daily clearing cleanser) with the Foreo Luna.




As I said before I had a lot of problems with my skin. I used many products over the years but I always had problems with breakouts and black spots. Since I use the Clarisonic & Foreo Luna my skin changed. Now I have ‘cleaner’ skin and very rarely breakouts. My skin is softer and foundation stays better on my skin.



I love the Foreo Luna mini & Clarisonic Mia2. I am so happy that I invested in the ‘skin transformers’. For me it is impossible to say which one is better. I prefer to use the Clarisonic when I wear a lot of make up and the Foreo Luna when I wear less or no makeup. When you travel a lot I think the Foreo Luna is better because you have to recharge it less that the Clarisonic and it takes less space in your beauty case.

Both of them are amazing cleaning tools and I totally recommend to invest in at least one of them.













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