Hello everybody,

today I have my favourite summer outfit for you. I love to wear neutral colours but in the summer time it is great to add a little bit of colour. So I decided to wear the fair blue top for me it is summery and I love the details next to the collar. When it is very hot like it was in Paris I prefere to wear loose skirts and tops. I think when you are in a city e.g. Paris in the summertime you should still try to look nice and don´t wear a ‘beachlook’ . Especially when you are walking a lot it is better to wear closed shoes. In my blogpost ‘Walk through Paris – Summer Outfit’ I said you that I prefere to wear small bags so I decided to wear the same one with that outfit. When you spend a lot of time outside when it is very hot I recommend to you to wear a hat. I love to wear hats because they look stylish and they protect your skin.

For me this is my perfect Paris summer outfit and I hope I could inspire you.

xx Patricia


DSC_0239_pp - Arbeitskopie 4



DSC_0239_pp - Arbeitskopie 3

top by Topshop

skirt by H&M

shoes by adidas (stan smith)

bag by Louis Vuitton

hat by H&M

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