Hello everybody,

when I am travelling I love to go shopping. Besides food and beauty products I like to buy clothes because in other cities there are other shops. I prefere food, beauty products and clothes to typical souvenirs because they have a ‘function’. Especially in big cities like Paris the shops are crowded and when you finally manage to find some pieces the queue is extremly long. So it is very helpful to wear an outfit which makes it easy to try clothes on. When I go shopping I prefere to wear leggings, a T-shirt, comfortable shoes and a small bag. The advantage of a T-shirt is that you easily can try pullovers, cardigans, blazers, coats etc. in the store on. So for these pieces it isn´t neccessary to go to a dressing room however when you have to go because you want to try on a dress, pants etc. it doesn´t take long to change.

I hope these tips help you on your next shopping trip.

xx Patricia



DSC_0444_pp - Arbeitskopie 3

T-shirt by Primark

leggings by Primark

shoes by adidas (stan smith)

bag by Louis Vuitton

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