Hello everybody,

a few days ago I did a blogpost about packing for travelling. In this I told you a very efficient way for me to pack my beauty products and in-flight essentials. Besides these I have to pack my clothes. Probably you had the same experience as I had that I took too much or too few clothes with me. Well there is an easy way to get rid of that problem . A few days before I´m leaving I open my closets. Then I have a look and take everything out, of which I think I could wear it on that trip. On a beach trip there are probably a lot of bikinis. In contrast to that on a city trip there would be less bikinis and more jeans. After laying out the clothes I count the days of my trip and check the wheater forecast. So I know how many outfits I will need. Then I start to combine clothes. Most of the time your luggage is limited so you should try to take one jacket and two pairs of shoes. These should fit with all your outfits. Moreover you have less luggage when you take clothes which you can wear during the day and in the evening as well. You should be able to dress them up or down e.g. by changing the shoes and the bag.

And don´t forget the weather: in July I was in Paris for 10 days. The wheater forecast predicted hot themperature between 25 °C and 36 °C. Nevertheless I took a scarf and jeans with me, which were very useful on colder evenings.

For that trip I wrote a list with my outfits and everything to take with me. So you can have several outfits and pack in a very efficient way.

xx Patricia



  • 10x underwear & socks
  • 1x white bandeau
  • 1x black bandeau
  • 2x nude tights
  • 1x short pyjama
  • 1x long pyjama
  • 1x black bikini
  • 1x sport bra
  • 1x short sportpants
  • 1x scarf
  • 1x nude cape
  • 2x hat


  • 1x white lace top
  • 1x light blue top
  • 1x grey short sweater
  • 1x grey cardigan
  • 1x khakie green blouse
  • 1x lace top long
  • 1x white T-shirt
  • 1x black T-shirt
  • 1x grey T-shirt
  • 1x jumpsuit
  • 1x dress
  • 1x elegant dress
  • 1x skirt
  • 2x black shorts
  • 1x black leggings
  • 1x black jeans


  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull & Pochette
  • blue/black bag
  • stan smith adidas
  • black birkenstock
  • dark blue pumps

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