Hello everybody,

my favourite part of doing my make-up is doing my eyes. I love to make my eyes bigger and make them look awake. For my blue eyes I prefer beige, brown and bronze eyeshadows. Over the years I tried a lot of different eyeshadows. Often the eyeshadows disappear or get in the crease. Some of my favourite eyeshadow are Sephora eyeshadows. They have a big variety of different colours and matte, shimmer and glitter eyeshadows. Around two years ago I bought two shimmer eyeshadows (it bag N°80 & Flirting game N°46). When you buy two eyeshadows at Sephora you get a magnetic case to put three eyeshadows in with a mirror. This year I bought a third one (Hawaiian beach N° 221). With these three coulours I can do a lot of different looks. Some for everyday and some for the evening. The quality is amazing, they are pigmented and stay on my eyelids the whole day.

xx Patricia




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