Hello everybody,

London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Consequently there are a lot of opportunities to try all sorts of food. Wherever you are in London there are many restaurants – however a lot of them are very expensive. Of course there are food chains with the usual prices but you can eat this food everywhere. I tried out a lot of different places to eat in London and I share my favourites with you. 

xx Patricia

Camden Town

Camden Town is one of my favourite places in London and I recommend everybody to visit the Camden High Street. Along the road there are several food stands and restaurants. Next to the canal is the Camden Lock Market. There are several food stands and a lot of different flavours. You can find main dishes, drinks, sweets… The prices are totally fine and the food is so delicious. The meals are often bigger so it is great to share something and to try something else as well.


Chinatown is very close to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square so it is a great place to go to have lunch or dinner. There are a lot of restaurants and great ones with „all you can eat“ offers. Especially when you are exhausted and hungry it is good to have the opportunity to eat a lot. Moreover you can have the take-away offer and save some money. In Chinatown there are also some chinese supermarkets. It is great to try some things out. They have a lot of chinese sweets and different Oreo flavours.  

TING – The Shard

Afternoon Tea is so typical for England. It is a great experience for every tourist. You get black tea, scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam, some sweets and some sandwiches. The shard is the highest building in Europe and the view over the city is awesome. So it is perfect to combine the view and the afternoon tea. Especially in the wintertime you can get the chance to see the sunset as well. Of course the afternoon tea is expensive but it is totally worth it. Moreover you can share an afternoon tea because you get a lot of delicous treats.

The Old Dutch 

The Old Dutch is a Pancake restaurant. They have a big selection of salty and sweet ones. Moreover you can create your own pancake. The portions are huge so I prefere to share a pancake or to order a kids one.


Café 1001 – Brick Lane

The East End is famous for the street art and it is very multicultural. It is really worth it to visit this street and along it there are a lot of cheap restaurants. Next to the street is the Café 1001. It is a nice place to drink a coffee and to eat a snack. There I ate the best chocolate cake ever. 

Ben´s Cookies 

If you like Cookies this shop is a must have for you. They have a huge selection of different Cookies and they are so delicious.


London´s Supermarkets

The Supermarkets are so much better than the German ones. You have an amazing selection of salads, sandwiches and snacks like vegetables and fruits…. Moreover they have a lot of tasty dishes for the microwave. Everything is on a budget and there are a lot of offers like 3 for 2.

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