Hello everybody,

manicured hands makes a women feel so much more beautiful however it can get very expensive to go to a nail salon. So I keep doing my nails by myself. About 10 years ago I started to paint my nails so I tested a lot of different products. Unfortunately the nail polish often cracks after a short time. Especially when you have to study or work you don´t have much time doing your nails so often. Finally I found the perfect products for a long-lasting manicure. Nude nails are perfect for every occasion so you can save some time if you use this colour. This ANNY nail polish is so pretty and stays on at least for one week. To make your manicure last it is very important to use a topcoat. The ANNY nail polish and the p2 top coat are great for beautiful nails for one week.

xx Patricia






  1. Remove any previously applied nail polish and wash your hands with soap
  2. Shape nails with a nail scissors and file.
  3. Feel free to remove cuticle
  4. Use a base coat (normally I skip that step)
  5. Paint your nails in layers but let them dry after everyone completely (2-3 layers)
  6. Apply top coat and wait until your nails are dry

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