Hello everybody,

good brushes are essential for me to apply make-up, however they don’t have to be expensive to be great. There are several brands who sell make-up brushes in every shape, colour and price range.

Every time I went to Primark I bought some brushes. The quality looked good and they are extremely affordable. Primark expanded their beauty line so I got the chance to buy more and different brushes. When I do my make-up I really enjoy using my Primark brushes. They look pretty with the rose gold metal and are really soft. So they feel good on the face. Moreover the brushes are easy to use and great to blend make-up.

My favourite brushes I tried are the following ones. I love them and use them everyday.

xx Patricia

dsc_0124This brush I use to apply and blend my foundation. I love my beauty blender however when I want to get a high coverage I prefer this brush.


I love contouring! Besides to find a great contouring powder the brush to apply it is very important. My first step is to take a little amount of the powder and to contour my cheekbones. The shape of this brush is perfect for this.


dsc_0123My second step after contouring my cheekbones is to contour the rest of my face. For this step I love this brush. When I applied to much product on my cheeks this brush is great to blend it. The shape is amazing to contour along my hair line and to apply a little bit on my chin and on my nose.


Besides contouring one of the biggest trends is to use highlighter. My favourite ones are sleek highlighters. To apply them this brush is great. I tried out some other brushes for highlighter however I come back to this one all the time.

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