Hello everybody,

a long time ago when I started to watch youtube videos and read blogposts, tags were very popular. There were different kinds of tags and I really enjoyed them. Unfortunately they aren´t that famous anymore. But for me this doesn’t  matter. So I decided to do the “this or that” beauty tag today.

XX Patricia


→ Makeup

Blush or Bronzer – Bronzer for contouring and a beautiful sun kissed glow 
Lipgloss or Lipstick – Lipstick (I am all about matte lips right now)
Eyeliner or Mascara – Mascara because I rarely use eyeliner
Foundation or Concealer – Concealer. If you have two shades you can use the light shade to highlight and the other one to cover blemishes.
Neutral or Color Eyeshadow – Neutral eyeshadows in every shade!
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadows – Pressed because they are easier to use
Brushes or Sponges – Brushes but I love my beauty blender for foundation, concealer and baking

→ Nails
O.P.I or China Glaze – O.P.I. The formula of the nail polishes is great.
Long or Short – Short (medium short) because they are easier to manage
Acrylic or Natural – Natural. I really enjoy painting my nails and you can save a lot of money!
Brights or Darks – Dark in the winter and Brights in the summer.
Flower or No Flower – No flower

→ Body
Perfume or Body Splash – Perfume all the time! My favorite one is Marc Jacobs Daisy.
Lotion or Body Butter – Body Butter because I think the moisturizing is better
Body wash or Soap – Body wash because it is easier to use
LUSH or Other Bath Company – LUSH because everything looks so cute and the smell is amazing *_*

→ Fashion
Jeans or Sweat pants – Jeans
Long sleeve or Short – Long sleeve because I am freezing all the time
Dresses or Skirts – I love them both!
Stripes or Plaid – Stripes because they look so cute
Flip flops or Sandals – Sandals
Scarves or Hats – Hats!!! I love hats because they can make every look special.
Studs or Dangly Earrings – Studs because they are more comfortable
Necklaces or Bracelets – Necklaces
Heels or Flats – Flats because they are better for my lifestyle but I love heels as well
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots – Riding boots
Jacket or Hoodie – Jacket

→ Hair
Curly or Straight – Curly, I love big curly hair
Bun or Ponytail – Ponytail but I often wear buns as well
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips – Bobby pins
Hair spray or Gel – Hair spray
Long or Short – Long
Light or Dark – Light
Side sweep bangs or Full bangs – Side sweep bangs
Up or Down – Down

→ Random
Rain or Shine – Shine
Summer or Winter – Summer
Fall or Spring – I love both for completely different reasons
Chocolate or Vanilla – Chocolate
East coast or West coast – East coast because I haven´t been to the West coast but I would love to go there

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