Hey everybody,
on my third day in London I had to get up early. For 10-11 am we had tickets for the Sky Garden. The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch street offers the highest public garden in London. The entrance is free but you have to book your tickets around 3 weeks in advance. The Sky Garden is on the 35th floor so you have a beautiful view over the city. Moreover you can walk around so you get a 360 degree view. There are also some restaurants and bars. I totally recommend to you to visit the sky garden!

Afterwards my sister and me walked to Spitalfields Market. There are a lot of different shops from pop-up stores to designer stores. In the middle of the halls are some stands with clothes, jewellery and food. Not far away is the Brick Lane. The Lane is popular for the street art and food. There we visited the Café 1001.
I prefer to take the bus rather than the underground. One the one hand you see a lot more of the city on the other hand it isn’t that crowded and cheaper. So we took the bus to Oxford Circus.

In the evening we visited the Mamma Mia musical. We walked from our hotel to the Oxford Circus, along the Regent Street, to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and along the Strand. So we had a great London by night walk. I have never been to a musical before but it was amazing! The performers are great and the music is awesome.

We got tickets in the stalls and the view was great. About 3 weeks ago we we booked our tickets online. We compared prices and found out that our seats for £30 each are more expensive on other days. So it is worth to compare the days and prices.

All in all I can totally recommend to everybody to visit the Sky Garden and a musical. These are experiences you will never forget.
XX Patricia

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