Bonjour everybody,
today is our last day in Paris and tomorrow we are leaving for Milan. In the morning we walked to the Musée d’Orsay. 

The former railway station was transformed in an art museum located in the 7th arrondissement. There are many paintings of impressionists on the 5th floor of the museum. I love the impressionists and my favourite artist is Monet. 

Luckily they have many paintings by him. They are so beautiful and fabulous. Moreover in this museum they shot some scenes for gossip girl. Blair stood in front of an painting of Manet and you can see this one in the museum. There are two big clock faces on the 5th floor as well. 

You can look through them and see the city. This is a great place to take photos. Afterwards we walked through the Tuileries and enjoyed the beautiful weather. In the afternoon we visited the Musée Picasso. 


Following we walked around the Marais. This is one of my favourite areas in Paris. There are many shops from pop-up stores to designer stores and a lot of restaurants. In the evening we did a manicure at home and packed our suitcases. 
XX Patricia

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